Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hypocrites and the cabinet

At last President Kibaki has filled the vacant seats in his cabinet by reappointing Saitoti and Kiraitu. His court of poets is applauding while ODM sympathizers are groaning. Some are calling it musical chairs. Why are we pretending to be surprised?

Kibaki is not the first and will not be the last to reaffirm his commitment to maintain the status quo. Before him there was Moi and after him will be ODM. Stop shifting on your chair uncomfortably because I am putting ODM “reformers” in the same group as Moi and Kibaki.

Some hypocrites have crawled out of their caves and others have cut short their campaign of brand Kenya a drug peddler to address Saitoti’s reappointment. Leading this park is none other than the chief hypocrite and demagogue of demagogues Raila Odinga.

While speaking on Saitoti’s appointment demagogue Raila said: “We know for sure that Saitoti’s case was carried out speedily to give him a clean name. The Government had other purposes why they sought to have Saitoti cleared.”

People who were brain-dead before yesterday will be quick to take Raila’s word as the truth because in the past he has been saying things that came out true. People with working brains will see hypocrisy in his words.

After the 1997 elections, Saitoti was dropped as VP a post that was left vacant for a long time till one day Moi and gave us Saitoti while at the same time challenging us to see if it will add ugali to our sufuria. That statement did not go down well with Raila who had been promised the seat by Moi for joining Kanu.

Raila reached in the Goldenberg closet and pulled the Goldenberg bones. Raila -through Kajwang- brought a motion to push for a vote of no confidence on Saitoti over the Goldenberg. The motion did not go as planned and Raila ate his humble pie.

It was Raila who -again- used Kajwang' to institute a private criminal case against Saitoti. The case did not go through.

But interesting enough, it was Raila who came to Saitoti’s defense (when Saitoti joined Rainbow) saying Saitoti was a sacrificial lamb. He said Saitoti was an innocent man who fell victim to Moi's devious plans. Raila went on to blame Mudavadi for the fleecing.

But Raila and Saitoti’s love/hate relationship did not last long. Saitoti became a criminal again as soon as he turned down Raila’s offer to join ODM demagogues. Raila started preaching of how clean Mudavadi is and why Saitoti should be blamed for Goldenberg.

The demagogues are claiming that the president violated the constitution by appointing Kanu MPs to the cabinet. This is laughable! Why? When Moi appointed these demagogues to his cabinet, they never complained. They justified it saying that Kanu and NDP were coming together to give Kenya a new start. The demagogues were escorted to Kisumu in government choppers and given treatment that befits a president.

An NDP activist, Mr John Omuse, said: “I am happy because what has happened to Mr Odinga is unbelievable. I couldn't expect a man who has been fighting the government for so many years to be appointed a minister, complete with bodyguards and a government car.”

Some people were overboard saying their son had come home like a president. "Today our son has come home as a hero, he is a resilient boy and you can see how the police are struggling to clear the way for him. Today he came home just like a President, we shall pray for him,'' one Mzee said.
MP Joshua Ojode went as far a saying: "What do you want? Must you be told verbally the man to succeed Moi when the Head of State is already exposing an individual to Libya, South Africa, Rwanda and other countries abroad? … Read the signs of the times, dalili ya mvua ni mawingu (clouds are a sign of rains)."

As far as I know, we are using the same constitution that was in place when our sons were touring the country and abroad with their newly acquired cabinet positions. What has changed since then?

Today as we mourn the re-appointment of Saitoti, let us remember that ODM is full of Saitotis. If I started to count them it may take 10 pages. Today we are comfortably turning a blind eye on that as we place the Rutos and Mudavadis on a pedestal and we kneel down before them in adoration. The only reason is that they are helping our messiah kick Kibaki out. But have you ever sobered from this euphoria induced drunkenness and imagined what the next cabinet will look like –assuming ODM forms the next administration?

As we seek to remove Kibaki’s speck, we need to get rid of the logs in our eyes

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Master puppeteers

Tony Buckingham

Tony Buckingham

A former SAS (Special Air Service) officer. He founded of Heritage Oil, DiamondWorks (Energem Resources), Branch energy, Indigo Sky Gems, etc. He is also a partner in mercenary groups like Sandline International, Executive Outcomes. Some companies he has interests in operate as mercenaries and as resource firms. There is no clear line between their military activities and mining activities. These are Branch Energy and Indigo Sky Gems.

At the moment, he is working hard to shed his past mercenary activities –at least in the public domain.

Tony Teixeira

A Portuguese born South African citizen. Currently he is the CEO of Energem Resources. His company Lyndhurst was involved in diamond mining in Angola. He funded the UNITA in exchange for mining rights. He supplied arms and offered logistic support to UNITA in a clear violation of UN arms embargo. He used the services of Victor Bout the international arms dealer.

House of Commons Hansard Debates for 18 Jan 2000

Colonel Tim Spicer

A former former SAS and holder of OBE (Order of British Empire) honor. He Sandline International CEO before starting another mercenary group named Crisis and Risk Management Ltd. which became Strategic Counseling International which later became Trident Maritime. Spicer now owns Aegis Defence Services. Aegis Defence Services has a subsidiary named Aegis Risk Management that has offices in Nairobi Kenya. The company is a sanitized form of Sandline International. Aegis was formed to bid for US defense contracts because the mother company (Sandline) had so many human rights violations.

Spicer has been involved in many mercenary missions. He was involved in an unsuccessful mission in Papua New Guinea where he tried to take over the Panguna Copper Mine that by force. This led to a revolution. Spicer was arrested by the army and prosecuted. He was later released on the behest of the British government.

Spicer was also involved in the Equatorial Guinea coup attempt. He had teamed up with Mark Thatcher and others in the mission. However the mission was discovered when a plane carrying mercenaries from South Africa was intercepted in Zimbabwe.

Simon Mann

Simon Mann (Left) under arrest in Zimbabwe

A Dog of War that will do anything for money. Mann is ye another former SAS officer who went on to be one of the notorious mercenary leaders. He is a founder member of Sandline. He was involved in the bloody Sierra Leone war.

Mann was arrested in Zimbabwe over the Equatorial Guinea coup attempt. He is serving a 7 year sentence.

The East African Puppets

Yoweri Museveni

A Ugandan demagogue who believes that nobody else can lead Uganda. He has handed over Uganda’s resources to his foreign masters in the UK. He is involved in the instability in Congo. Museveni is using Ugandan forces as a private army to back his Saracen mercenary company in the plunder of Congo’s minerals. These minerals are smuggled out of Congo through Uganda from where the puppeteers transport them out of the continent.

Gen. Salim Saleh

A former UPDF general. Salim is Museveni’s brother and business associate. He has close ties with Branch Energy and Heritage oil. He owns interests Saracen –a mercenary group formed by Executive Outcomes. Salim and his puppeteer Heckie Horn were investigated by the UN for violating a UN arms embago on Congo. The UN recommended that the duo be banned from traveling and also that their accounts be frozen.

Raila Odinga

Our own version of demagogue at his best. He is the Kenyan link to the mercenary groups that have pillaged Africa. He has business deals with Energem Resources and Branch Energy. Energem owns 55% of Spectre International (the company that owns Kisumu Molasses plant). Raila is among the proxies that Energem is using to gain control of the energy sector in Kenya.

Energem started doing business in Kenya when it acquired controlling shares in Spectre EA. When Railla was appointed Minister for Energy, Energem started growing roots in the government. Energem was given contracts to import oil for Kenya. Energem sister companies were also given contracts in the ministry of Roads and Public works.

As a minister for Energy, Raila further pushed his handlers’ agenda. He pushed Kenya into oil deals with Sudan. The beneficiary to this deal was to be Branch Energy (a sister company of Energem). Around that time, Branch Energy was trying to enter the Sudanese pillaging. Raila was used warm Khartoum’s heart by announcing that Kenya was ready to buy oil from Sudan. Raila campaigned hard for the deal giving press conferences and even traveling to Sudan to seal the deal. However when Kenyans turned the heat on him and Moi over the importation of blood oil, Raila was quick to retreat saying that “the government had no plans of importing oil from Sudan.”

Raila was involved with another shadowy South African company that wanted to own fishing rights on the Kenyan side of L. Victoria. The company was named Redicon Foods. They were using Raila to push for their interests in the country. The plan backfired when there was public outcry about deal. Later backtracked and claimed he had “never heard” of such a plan and that he ha never heard of the company.
The Mercenary Groups

Executive Outcomes

An apartheid era mercenary group that has had a hand in every single war and coup in Africa.


Below is the information on Sandline’s website

On 16 April 2004 Sandline International announced the closure of the company's operations. The general lack of governmental support for Private Military Companies willing to help end armed conflicts in places like Africa, in the absence of effective international intervention, is the reason for this decision. Without such support the ability of Sandline to make a positive difference in countries where there is widespread brutality and genocidal behaviour is materially diminished.

As the information above shows, Sandline closed its doors. But that does not mean that Sandline ceased to exist. Sandline simply rejuvenate under a new name just like our politicians form new parties. Sandline faces are in Aegis Defence Services and Aegis Risk Management. They have offices in Kenya.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

It is Déjà vu!

Looks like history is repeating its self. Back in 2002, I wrote the article below.

People who chose to drink from the cup of euphoria demonized me. I was given a lecture on how Kenya had united and anybody opposing the wave was not a patriot. Today, I can proudly say, I told you so!

As we approach another election, we are starting to see the same politics playing out. We are being told of the grand things that ODM will do. We are being told to join hands to kick Kibaki out. How nice! But who are these people telling us to back them? Are they not the same people that we ousted 4 years ago?

The euphoria is once more kicking in. Our Luminaries are making rounds in Kenya and abroad. Anybody making an effort to question their intentions is dismissed as a Kibaki sympathizer. Our politicians are systematically dividing us into two distinct groups; the ODM group and Kibaki group. But where should we place Kenyans like me who see deceit in both parties?

George Saitoti and Ole Ntimama tingisharing at JKIA
I think we are losing focus on the price. We are being deceived that Kenya will be a heaven as soon as ODM takes over. We are told that ODM will form a government that is united. We are told that ODM will fight corruption.

We are being told of an economy where poor Kenyans feel the impact of growth. How nice! Kenyans know that these politicians own our economy. They own industries, farms, schools, hospitals name it. Their businesses are doing very well; they are making a ton of money as MPs. But how much do they pay their employees! A majority of these people promising as a Utopia pay employees less than the minimum wage. They go shopping abroad, are always seek medical services abroad. In short, their wealth does not trickle down to the masses. How can they ensure there is equitable distribution of wealth when they don't provide the same to their employees?

Do you really believe that ODM will form a united government? The only thing that is pulling them together is like what brings together sharks. Sharks are loners but they hunt together when their prey is big. One they fill their bellies, they swim their own ways. In ODM we have a collection of sharks that have no ideology. The Nyayo boys and girls have tasted the cold and want to get back in power. LDP MPs tasted the power and want it too. Take Kibaki out, these people will be on each other's neck.

I think it is a joke when we are told that ODM will fight corruption. ODM is a collection of thieves. People who were implicated in Goldenberg, Anglo Fleecing, 4th All African Games looting, NSSF looting etc are all holed up in ODM. How can we get to the bottom of the injustices done to Kenyans when we are crowing the perpetuators as Kings?

I am very very skeptical about ODM. Yes we want Kibaki out but who is going to take over? We need to ask tough questions and we have to ask them now. Before you rush to lynch my kind, think twice. Don't give us another chance to say, I told you so!