Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Master puppeteers

Tony Buckingham

Tony Buckingham

A former SAS (Special Air Service) officer. He founded of Heritage Oil, DiamondWorks (Energem Resources), Branch energy, Indigo Sky Gems, etc. He is also a partner in mercenary groups like Sandline International, Executive Outcomes. Some companies he has interests in operate as mercenaries and as resource firms. There is no clear line between their military activities and mining activities. These are Branch Energy and Indigo Sky Gems.

At the moment, he is working hard to shed his past mercenary activities –at least in the public domain.

Tony Teixeira

A Portuguese born South African citizen. Currently he is the CEO of Energem Resources. His company Lyndhurst was involved in diamond mining in Angola. He funded the UNITA in exchange for mining rights. He supplied arms and offered logistic support to UNITA in a clear violation of UN arms embargo. He used the services of Victor Bout the international arms dealer.

House of Commons Hansard Debates for 18 Jan 2000

Colonel Tim Spicer

A former former SAS and holder of OBE (Order of British Empire) honor. He Sandline International CEO before starting another mercenary group named Crisis and Risk Management Ltd. which became Strategic Counseling International which later became Trident Maritime. Spicer now owns Aegis Defence Services. Aegis Defence Services has a subsidiary named Aegis Risk Management that has offices in Nairobi Kenya. The company is a sanitized form of Sandline International. Aegis was formed to bid for US defense contracts because the mother company (Sandline) had so many human rights violations.

Spicer has been involved in many mercenary missions. He was involved in an unsuccessful mission in Papua New Guinea where he tried to take over the Panguna Copper Mine that by force. This led to a revolution. Spicer was arrested by the army and prosecuted. He was later released on the behest of the British government.

Spicer was also involved in the Equatorial Guinea coup attempt. He had teamed up with Mark Thatcher and others in the mission. However the mission was discovered when a plane carrying mercenaries from South Africa was intercepted in Zimbabwe. http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/coup/

Simon Mann

Simon Mann (Left) under arrest in Zimbabwe

A Dog of War that will do anything for money. Mann is ye another former SAS officer who went on to be one of the notorious mercenary leaders. He is a founder member of Sandline. He was involved in the bloody Sierra Leone war.

Mann was arrested in Zimbabwe over the Equatorial Guinea coup attempt. He is serving a 7 year sentence.


The East African Puppets

Yoweri Museveni

A Ugandan demagogue who believes that nobody else can lead Uganda. He has handed over Uganda’s resources to his foreign masters in the UK. He is involved in the instability in Congo. Museveni is using Ugandan forces as a private army to back his Saracen mercenary company in the plunder of Congo’s minerals. These minerals are smuggled out of Congo through Uganda from where the puppeteers transport them out of the continent.

Gen. Salim Saleh

A former UPDF general. Salim is Museveni’s brother and business associate. He has close ties with Branch Energy and Heritage oil. He owns interests Saracen –a mercenary group formed by Executive Outcomes. Salim and his puppeteer Heckie Horn were investigated by the UN for violating a UN arms embago on Congo. The UN recommended that the duo be banned from traveling and also that their accounts be frozen. http://daccessdds.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/N03/567/36/IMG/N0356736.pdf?OpenElement

Raila Odinga

Our own version of demagogue at his best. He is the Kenyan link to the mercenary groups that have pillaged Africa. He has business deals with Energem Resources and Branch Energy. Energem owns 55% of Spectre International (the company that owns Kisumu Molasses plant). Raila is among the proxies that Energem is using to gain control of the energy sector in Kenya.

Energem started doing business in Kenya when it acquired controlling shares in Spectre EA. When Railla was appointed Minister for Energy, Energem started growing roots in the government. Energem was given contracts to import oil for Kenya. Energem sister companies were also given contracts in the ministry of Roads and Public works.

As a minister for Energy, Raila further pushed his handlers’ agenda. He pushed Kenya into oil deals with Sudan. The beneficiary to this deal was to be Branch Energy (a sister company of Energem). Around that time, Branch Energy was trying to enter the Sudanese pillaging. Raila was used warm Khartoum’s heart by announcing that Kenya was ready to buy oil from Sudan. Raila campaigned hard for the deal giving press conferences and even traveling to Sudan to seal the deal. However when Kenyans turned the heat on him and Moi over the importation of blood oil, Raila was quick to retreat saying that “the government had no plans of importing oil from Sudan.”


Raila was involved with another shadowy South African company that wanted to own fishing rights on the Kenyan side of L. Victoria. The company was named Redicon Foods. They were using Raila to push for their interests in the country. The plan backfired when there was public outcry about deal. Later backtracked and claimed he had “never heard” of such a plan and that he ha never heard of the company.
The Mercenary Groups

Executive Outcomes

An apartheid era mercenary group that has had a hand in every single war and coup in Africa.


Below is the information on Sandline’s website http://www.sandline.com/

On 16 April 2004 Sandline International announced the closure of the company's operations. The general lack of governmental support for Private Military Companies willing to help end armed conflicts in places like Africa, in the absence of effective international intervention, is the reason for this decision. Without such support the ability of Sandline to make a positive difference in countries where there is widespread brutality and genocidal behaviour is materially diminished.

As the information above shows, Sandline closed its doors. But that does not mean that Sandline ceased to exist. Sandline simply rejuvenate under a new name just like our politicians form new parties. Sandline faces are in Aegis Defence Services and Aegis Risk Management. They have offices in Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

There is madness in the world, and some of the mad people preach in God's name and pretend to have been born for the sake of protecting the poor, the voiceless and the vulnerable. Yet, they live by night and sleep by day, extorting all the blood from the same people they claim to be their protector.

Baraza said...

Keep up the good jib brother. Have you tried forwarding your articles to the newspapers? More Kenyans should read your vies. Try sending to our Kenyan papers.

Anonymous said...

You have done an incredible job in exposing these fraudsters. The world needs to know its enemies and you properly exposed them.

B. Wandabwa, NJ

J.O said...

Siku za mwizi ni 40. Raila can hire the best PR firms to package his image but the truth shall always float above lies. He should tell us why he is dealing with the Apartheid era hitmen. He has no shame comparing himself with Mandela while eating with those who killed Africans in South Africa.