Saturday, November 04, 2006

It is Déjà vu!

Looks like history is repeating its self. Back in 2002, I wrote the article below.

People who chose to drink from the cup of euphoria demonized me. I was given a lecture on how Kenya had united and anybody opposing the wave was not a patriot. Today, I can proudly say, I told you so!

As we approach another election, we are starting to see the same politics playing out. We are being told of the grand things that ODM will do. We are being told to join hands to kick Kibaki out. How nice! But who are these people telling us to back them? Are they not the same people that we ousted 4 years ago?

The euphoria is once more kicking in. Our Luminaries are making rounds in Kenya and abroad. Anybody making an effort to question their intentions is dismissed as a Kibaki sympathizer. Our politicians are systematically dividing us into two distinct groups; the ODM group and Kibaki group. But where should we place Kenyans like me who see deceit in both parties?

George Saitoti and Ole Ntimama tingisharing at JKIA
I think we are losing focus on the price. We are being deceived that Kenya will be a heaven as soon as ODM takes over. We are told that ODM will form a government that is united. We are told that ODM will fight corruption.

We are being told of an economy where poor Kenyans feel the impact of growth. How nice! Kenyans know that these politicians own our economy. They own industries, farms, schools, hospitals name it. Their businesses are doing very well; they are making a ton of money as MPs. But how much do they pay their employees! A majority of these people promising as a Utopia pay employees less than the minimum wage. They go shopping abroad, are always seek medical services abroad. In short, their wealth does not trickle down to the masses. How can they ensure there is equitable distribution of wealth when they don't provide the same to their employees?

Do you really believe that ODM will form a united government? The only thing that is pulling them together is like what brings together sharks. Sharks are loners but they hunt together when their prey is big. One they fill their bellies, they swim their own ways. In ODM we have a collection of sharks that have no ideology. The Nyayo boys and girls have tasted the cold and want to get back in power. LDP MPs tasted the power and want it too. Take Kibaki out, these people will be on each other's neck.

I think it is a joke when we are told that ODM will fight corruption. ODM is a collection of thieves. People who were implicated in Goldenberg, Anglo Fleecing, 4th All African Games looting, NSSF looting etc are all holed up in ODM. How can we get to the bottom of the injustices done to Kenyans when we are crowing the perpetuators as Kings?

I am very very skeptical about ODM. Yes we want Kibaki out but who is going to take over? We need to ask tough questions and we have to ask them now. Before you rush to lynch my kind, think twice. Don't give us another chance to say, I told you so!

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Wewe hakuna akili. Sisi tuko hapa hapa na wewe huko pale pale. Wewe ni mtu pumbavu.