Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Double faced liberators 2.0

The wise said, Uzuri wa mkakasi ndani kipande cha mti (Underneath that ornate jewelry box is a piece of wood.) This cannot be far from the truth in the case of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. The man looks good; his hair always well kempt; always in nice suits; speaks like an angel; and above all professes to be saved by the blood of none other than Jesus Christ Himself. That was the image until Sarah Elderkin made an attempt to find out what lay beneath that flashy humble man.

Kalonzo Musyoka and Rev. Gilbert Deya

From what we know now, the holy man is not the saint he professes to be. He is a common criminal who has been saved by political connections. Just like the rest of our so-called leaders, Kalonzo has taken shelter under his tribe. Any attempts to make him face justice are always met by “our tribe-is-being-finished”. He survives to eat another day.

The holy man from Mwingi North inflates his mileage claims just like he has inflated his image. This man of God took the Summon on the Mountain (where Jesus fed a multitude with 2 fish and five loaves) into his own hands. In one month, Kalonzo cooked his mileage reimbursement claims to a tune of sh 559,000 above what he was justified to get! God must have really worked on Kalonzo’s odometer and trip setter.

What people do for political mileage!
Kalonzo did not fail to see his detractors’ hands when he was asked to pay back the money. “I think this is a witch-hunt. They have looked for skeletons in our cupboards but they have failed to find any. We have to call that bluff and that’s what I have just done,” Kalonzo said.

I think these so called liberators have hijacked our quest for a better Kenya and used it to sanitize their pasts. When they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar they will invoke the name of holy Wanjiku.


Anonymous said...

just go to hell with your dity little comments

Mosaisi said...

The "dity little comments" happen to be the truth. I cant help you if you have dificulties in handling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Really you have a very deep seated irrational hatred for Kalonzo 'the common crminal'. As you can see from your own research, the mileage claims issue is all you can find to hold against him.

Of the possible Presidential candidates, he is by far the cleanest. That is only a statement of fact. That you pick on him and say nothing about the bigger and realer evils like Kibaki and Nyachae shows where your card is punched.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I had not read the Sarah Elderkin article. My BIG bad!

All the same I still think he is much less a crim than the other options.


Mosaisi said...

Emmo, the mileage fraud looks like a small isssue but it speaks volumes. A man who can defraud us of sh500,000 is a man who has a potential of sacking Central Bank is he was given access. We have seen common crimials go to jail for stealing 20 bob. What makes the honorable MP's a lesser crime.

Sarah's article is the first below the belt punch Raila has thrown. More is coming on Kalonzo's way as Raila talks about the 2002-like Tosha nominations while Kalonzo insists on real primaries.

Some say Sarah is Raila's attack dog. May be there is some truth: