Thursday, December 21, 2006

Double faced liberators 1.0

"I came to Moi’s aid when the Government wanted to take away his houses and sue him over Goldenberg during my days as the Minister for Roads."

Those are the words of a Raila Amolo Odinga. Yes the man who promises us that he will make sure that no stone will be left unturned until all the corrupt people are brought to book should he become Kenya's 4th president. Here he is telling us that he used his position as Minister for Public Works, Roads and Housing to protect Moi’s House! He is also proud to tell us that he protected Baba Moi from facing prosecution over GOLDENBERG! Looks like we have a new definition of corruption!

Raila Odinga, Musalia Mudavadi and George Saitoti pledging loyalty to
Mzee Baba na Mama wa Taifa, Mtukufu Rais Daniel Arap Moi.

We all know about Moi’s role in the Goldenberg; but what is this house that Raila is talking about?

The Kabarnet Gardens of course.

Raila Odinga knows more about the so-called Kabarnet Gardens because his family resided in it from 1963 to 1966. Raila is therefore in a position to know who the real owner of Kabarnet House is.

Kabarnet House was constructed in the 1940s to be the resident of the colonial deputy Governor. After independence, the house became home to Oginga Odinga –Kenya’s first Vice-President. Oginga was forced to resign terminating his tenancy at the residence. When Moi was appointed VP, he immediately moved into the house and continued to maintain it as his residence even when he was president. In the 80s, the Government built a new house on the property. The old building was maintained for it sentimental value.

In 2003 Kibaki took over from Moi with a promise to rectify past errors. Kibaki set up the Ministerial Committee on Public Properties. This committee’s work was to recover all government property that was grabbed and dished out to Kanu hawks. KICC and Kabarnet Gardens were top on the list.

Raila Odinga’s Minister for Public Works, Roads and Housing was to implement recommendations by public properties committee. Raila went of a frenzy of destroying kiosks that were located on road reserves. May buildings were condemned and bulldozers sent in. People who had bought such properties believing that they were legitimate were shocked to be chased like common criminals.

Now we know that as the small fries like Wanjiku were being rendered homeless, the big fish like Moi were given VIP treatment. The same people who cut deals to frustrate the war on corruption are now claiming that the government is not doing enough. It is this kind of hypocrisy that has created a systemic impunity where to fat cats cut deals with each other and get away with murder.

Raila Odinga in a photo op with a building under demolition

Here is what our children thought of the demolitions

As we sip the euphoria being served by ODM, let us do it with caution. These goons are pretending to be pro democracy, pro-justice and anti-corruption but their actions are no different from those of their friends in Narc. The culture of Ngo slow (as Githongo paraphrased Kiraitu) is here to stay as long as we keep on recyling the same faces who owe favors to each other.

They say actions speak louder than words. In this case Raila’s action of protecting corruption tells us a lot about his words that he will fight corruption. Be cautious with this breed of demagogues. They are out to protect their own interests and not yours.



Anonymous said...

These are wolves in sheep skin. They say they will fight corruption but they protect corruption.

Anonymous said...

Raila had not power to prosecute Moi. Such a power was in the hands of Kibaki. It is clear in this case who gave Moi a break and it wasn't Raila.

PNM said...

You say Raila had no such powers. Why then is Tinga claiming to have saved Moi's ass?

Anonymous said...

Folks, let's not forget that Raila's "gift" for dissolving the NDP and joining Baba na Mama Moi in 2001 was the infamous - Molasses Plant.