Monday, February 05, 2007

Of eating your cake and having it too

Welcome aboard the Mosaisi Time Travel Machine. Our first stop is Saturday, Nov 17 2002. Since you are now in that day, your brain has no memory of happened between that date and today. On that day, Kibaki’s presidential campaign is heated. The masses are singing yote yawezekana na Kibaki.

You are now in Ngong attending a Narc rally being addressed by Mwai Kibaki, George Saitoti and Raila Odinga among many other Narc luminaries. Now Raila has taken the microphone. The air is rent with Tinga chants.

“Kitendawili?” Raila screams out.

“Tega!” the masses answer him.

“Nauza hewa Napata pesa?” Raila throws his riddle.

The crowd has no answer so Raila asks for mji. He then solves the riddle by screaming out, “Goldenberg!”

Raila tears into Moi and Musalia Mudavadi and accusing them of plotting and executing the Goldenberg. He is saying: "Musalia and Moi know the whole truth about Goldenberg and they should come out clean.”

"Mudavadi was the Finance minister in 1993. He first paid out the Sh5.8 billion in export compensation and then the Sh13.5 billion. I know what I am talking about. I stand for the truth and the VP (Mudavadi) and the President (Moi) should come out and prove me wrong," He adds

I bet he is ready take the bible and swear that Moi and Musalia are responsible for the Goldenberg.

Here comes Professor George Saitoti weeping like a child as he remembers how Baba na Mama wa taifa Mtukufu Rais Mzee Baba Moi used him to do evil deeds.

"Anybody who wanted to serve the nation was not given a chance to do so. A trap was always laid out for you and all the dirt and blame was heaped on you," says the Prof Saitoti.

"Unachezewa kiswahili, unatemewa mate, unawekewa mtego,” Saitoti adds.

He ends by promising to spill all the Goldenberg beans.

Photos from the Profesa Kimya Play at Kisirani 1

Now I want to speed forward our second stop; Saturday, November 26, 2006. You are in Eldoret attending yet another rally addressed by Raila Odinga among others. As usual Raila –and not the other attendees- is going to be the next day newspapers’ headlines.

“Kitendawili?” Raila is shouting.

“Tega!” the crowd answers back.

“Panya alinaswa kwa mtego nikamuokoa!” Raila asks the crowd.

Once again the crowd has no answer … mji … and the answer is … Moi!

In the usual Railaistic ‘overjustifications’ and boastful take on his actions, Raila captivates the crowd detailing his political gains and favors.

"Moi should be grateful. I organised his first meeting with Kibaki at State House. He should thank me by not attacking ODM unfairly," Raila says.

"I came to Moi’s aid when the Government wanted to take away his houses and sue him over Goldenberg during my days as the Minister for Roads," Raila adds.

As usual the crowd applauds. A great leader has spoken! The great leader did not boast of obstructing justice -to save Moi- once. That is why I am taking you to our last stop of the day; Sunday, Feb 4th 2007.

On this date you are not in a political rally. You are in a house of God that we call church. You are in this church to witness Raila swear that he overheard Kibaki promise to run for one term before handing the reigns of Kenya to the late Kijana Wamalwa. Hata Mama Rainbow alikuwa when the promise was made.

After swearing in the name of the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost; Raila went on to tell the congregation that he saved Moi’s behind –not once but thrice- so Moi owes him one.

In reference to the Kanu-NDP merger, Raila says: "Moi detained me for over eight years. But when his leadership almost sank, I joined him with my National Development Party (NDP) team and enabled him to complete his wavering final term in office."

His braggadocio doesn’t stop there. He collects credit for defending Moi in a cabinet meeting where it had been decided that Moi should face prosecution over his role in Goldenberg and that he should be ejected for public owned -official residence of the VP- Kabarnet Gardens.

"I was censured at the Cabinet meeting for fiercely defending (note that he fiercely defended) Moi but as then Minister for Public Works, I said Moi still deserved to retain his Kabarnet Gardens home," Raila says.

And the congregation answers, “Amen!”

Did you realize what Raila just did? No? Civilized people will say he used his office to obstruct justice. In Kenya it will be just another entertaining piece from a pet politician.

At the time Raila tells us he protected 'Moi's house' from the evil Mt. Kenya Government (because that is how he wants us to see it,) he was the Minister for Housing, Roads and Public works and Housing. The Kibaki administration had just taken oath of office. On their plate was an orgy of land grabs that had to be brought to a halt. A Ministerial Committee on Public Properties was formed repossess grabbed public property. It was recommended that Moi, Michuki, Biwott among others surrender government property that was allocated to them. Key to implementation of this report was Raila Odinga in his capacity of Minister for Housing, Roads and Public works. Now we know that Raila used his office to feed the Nyayo Holy Cow with fodder. Today, the time has come for Raila to milk political capital out of his Holy Cow. Like any good farmer, he is reminding his Holy Cow where the fodder came from!

As they say, “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Since Baba Moi retained his stolen property, Michuki, Biwott et al retained their too. That epitomises what we call the war on corruption.

Now that you have taken that long trip and learned a lot (I believe), I want you to answer one simple question: On whose side is Raila playing?

My answer will be on his own side. This man who champions himself as a public watchdog is turning out to be the biggest cry baby. Or is it cry puppy? He is now spending too much of his energy detailing how he scratched the backs of Baba Moi and Mzee Kibaki and how they have refused to scratch his back in return. He even has a bible handy to swear by it.

By now you should have noticed the pattern. When sanitizing Saitoti, Raila was in Ngong trying to appeal to the Maasai. When he made his first proclamation of obstructing justice in favor of Moi, Raila was in Eldoret. He was trying to appeal to the Kalenjin. The second pronouncement on protecting Moi was made in Kericho. Same thing! He was trying to appeal to the Kalenjin.

For how long will this Sungura games go on before Raila finds himself painted into a corner? Even in the good old fables, Apwuyo the hare runs of lies and tricks. You cannot eat your cake –of sanitizing corrupt tribal chiefs- and still expect to have it –in terms of being a public watchdog. One thing has to give!

The average Chepkoech was hurt due Moi and his sons milking KCC, CBK -through Goldenberg, etc. Should Chepkoech celebrate Raila as a hero for his role in bargaining for Moi and his cabal’s freedom? Should Atieno and Moraa who were nailed on the cross due to Baba Moi’s 24 year misrule and outright looting welcome Raila’s statements with joy?

The wolves have become too bold to wear its sheep skin as a disguise. They have shed the sheep skin exposing their pelt. We are drunk with euphoria till we cannot see the wolves for what they are! We still expect them to lock up the corrupt and recover our money. In our dreams I say!

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